EHS STEM Club Competes in Ten80 Event

Competition Takes Students to the Famed Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Everett High School (EHS) STEM Club traveled to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina to compete in the Ten80 Student Racing Competition and the Ten80 Automated Vehicle Competition, a two-day event defined by innovation in motion featuring students from around the country.

EHS fielded two teams (14 students total) in the multi-event competition on April 26, 2024, giving students a high-visibility chance to showcase their engineering, robotics, public speaking, and graphic design skills. Even better, the famed Charlotte Motor Speedway served as the backdrop for the students to race their remote-control and electric-powered cars and promote their racing teams.

“These students have worked so hard over the past several weeks and been so resilient,” said Dr. Anna Seiders, who co-advises the STEM Club with Dr. Christopher Backlund. “What they have accomplished in a short time, other teams spend years doing.”

The competition featured teams from around the country and as far away as China. Both of Everett’s two teams finished in the Top 10 overall standings. EHS finished first in the Graphic Design category, and second in Robotics.

“The students cheered on other teams regardless of their results,” Dr. Seiders said. “They cheered extra loud for our international friends from China; when they won, it sounded like we won! They were so selfless in their cheering and encouragement. When other teams needed help, they would drop their project to go help, they traded parts with other teams, and formed friendships with various groups of students.”

The STEM Club will be recognized by the Everett School Committee during its Regular Meeting on Monday, May 20, 2024.

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