Chelsea’s ROCA Is Getting a Complete Renovation

Special to the Independent

ROCA opened on Pearl Street in Chelsea about 27 years ago, and has grown in leaps in bounds, and has added and adapted to accommodate the ever-growing population and issues that come with it. Addressing young people in trouble financially, emotionally and giving others a place to belong, whatever it may be, ROCA has been there to offer that shoulder to lean on in tough times.

Molly Baldwin, the CEO and founder is still at the helm, assisted by a complete staff of energetic and helpful workers. Any organization of this magnitude, and with the financial resources that are available to it needs a well-organized crew to steer it and keep it on course, Molly Baldwin and company are all that and more.

After all this time, ROCA has a made a major announcement, they will be completely renovating their building, to the point, that they must move out for a year, renting 3 buildings across the city to accommodate their obligations to the clients and staff. Beginning in January of 2024, with a possible completion of late 24 or early 2025.

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