DiDomenico Advocates for Legislation Creating Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities

Senator DiDomenico joined colleagues in passing a reorganization plan to create a state Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities, a cabinet-level position which will assist the Commonwealth with meeting its long-term goals in addressing the housing crisis and expanding safe, accessible, and affordable housing for residents.

“I am proud to support Governor Healey’s efforts as she works to address the housing crisis, one of the most pressing issues on the mind of my constituents and residents across Massachusetts,” said Senator DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “I look forward to working with the new Secretary of Housing and Livable communities along with my colleagues to ensure all people can afford to put a roof over their head and help residents stay in communities they have lived in their entire lives. I want to thank Senate President Spilka, Senator Collins, and Senator Edwards for getting this bill passed with the urgency it deserves.”

“As a state, we must work towards a creating a sustainable and inclusive future, where no one is prevented from calling Massachusetts home simply because of the cost of housing,” said Senate President Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland). “I am grateful that Governor Healey has brought this legislation before us, and we in the Legislature look forward to continuing to partner with the administration to support housing that is affordable and livable, vibrant communities. I’d also like to thank Senator Collins and Senator Edwards for their attention and hard work to ensure that the Senate could reach consensus on this issue in a timely fashion.”

In Massachusetts, housing-related issues are currently addressed by the administration through the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. The reorganization plan passed in the Senate today would elevate housing issues to a separate executive agency tasked with supporting housing availability and assessing the Commonwealth’s progress in this area.

In response to ongoing concerns over housing availability, last session, the Massachusetts Legislature allocated over $1 billion in direct appropriations to support affordable housing in Massachusetts. This followed a session that saw the long-awaited ‘housing choice’ legislation become law with important housing production incentives, including requiring multi-family zoning near transit.

The reorganization plan is also in the House of Representatives for consideration.

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