PCSS students learn about women in history in creative new ways

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, the students of Pioneer Charter School of Science (PCSS) in Everett (PCSSI) and Saugus (PCSS2) learned about women in history in creative new ways.

PCSSI installed a TikTok-inspired QR code board, linking students to an Instagram account dedicated to important female historical figures. This method proved a success, as the account was a conversation starter, and the social media aspect engaged students with the curriculum in a new and innovative way. 

In addition to the successful implementation of the QR code, the school continued to employ technology as a learning tool, using curriculum sites such as BrainPOP, as well as virtual field trips and Ted Talks to open up vital conversations about Women’s History and give students the opportunity to learn more on their own time.

At PCSS2 in Saugus, teachers constructed a HERstory board, a bulletin board depicting key historical figures from Frida Kahlo to Marie Curie. The board evoked feelings of girl power and a desire to continue learning about those on the board and beyond. With Women’s History Month coming just after Black History Month, teachers noted black female students were proud to be doubly recognized, expressing that they felt celebrated, acknowledged, and empowered.

The mission of PCSS is to prepare educationally under-resourced students for today’s competitive world. PCSS will help students develop the academic and social skills necessary to become successful professionals and exemplary community members through a rigorous academic curriculum emphasizing math and science. Balanced by a foundation in the humanities, a character education program, career-oriented college preparation, and solid student-teacher-parent collaboration, PCSS will meet its mission.

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