Foresteire’s Trial Underway

The jury trial of former Everett School Superintendent Frederick Foresteire got underway this past Monday in Malden District Court.

Foresteire is facing multiple counts of indecent assault & battery and simple assault & battery for his alleged actions involving three females who worked for the School Department during his tenure as superintendent of schools.

Monday’s proceedings included the selection of the jury, the opening statements by Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Carrie Spiros and defense attorney Gerard Malone, and testimony by the first of Foresteire’s three accusers.

Foresteire, who is 79 and who resigned in 2019 after lengthy career when the accusations became public, had attempted to plead out his case last December by means of a continuance without a finding (commonly referred to as a CWOF), which is an admission to sufficient facts to the charges, but without pleading guilty.

However, the District Court judge at that time, Emily Karstetter, rejected the plea deal and instead recommended a guilty finding and imposing a sentence of 18 months with 12 months suspended.

Foresteire rejected that offer and opted for a jury trial.

At that December hearing, the three women delivered emotional victim impact statements inside the courtroom. All three women, who worked in different capacities in the School Department, alleged that Foresteire engaged in inappropriate behavior while they were working in their jobs in the School Department. The three women also said that Foresteire’s actions adversely affected their physical and mental health.

At Monday’s hearing, the first of the three witnesses described multiple allegations of behavior directed toward her by Foresteire that have given rise to the charges.

Malone in his opening statement told the jury that Foresteire adamantly denies the charges and that he will be taking the stand in his own defense.

The trial is expected to continue through most of this week.

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