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Devens School Donation

The Everett Public Schools thanks the Social Equity Access Fund for making a $5,000 donation to the Devens School. The money will be used by Principal Dr. Brittany Puleo to stock the school store with items and incentives for students who perform acts of kindness.

The donation was facilitated by members of the Devens School Board of Directors, School Committee member Marcony Barros, and Elsa Gomes Bondlow. Ms. Bondlow co-founded the Social Equity Access Fund with Luisa Pena Lyons.

“Thanks to the Devens leadership for successfully making a connection with an organization like the Social Equity Access Fund,” said Superintendent Priya Tahiliani. “And, obviously, our thanks to Ms. Bondlow for responding to the call.”

The Devens School’s Random Acts of Kindness campaign builds empathy and a sense of community by helping students meet their academic, behavioral, and social and emotional learning goals. The School Store is stocked with items that students can earn as they make positive strides in these areas. The program was launched last year, and it quickly became popular with students and staff.

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