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A Sweetheart Deal in the Dead of Night

To the Editor:

In a Globe article dated July 15th, 2022, titled, “Mass lawmakers have cleared the way for Robert Kraft to build a new soccer stadium for the New England Revolution in Everett,” I was made aware of this article from a friend who titled her communication, “shenanigans from the State House”.

According to the Webster’s Dictionary, shenanigan is defined as, “an underhand trick.” There is something wrong in this picture when an amendment is filed that undoes environmental protections without any public input. This amendment would exempt the property from any “height, setback, open space or other dimensional limitations and requirements under state tidelands law solely for the purpose of a sports, recreation, or event center, according to the article.

Where is this property located? 173 Alford Street, Everett.

Who filed this amendment, Rep. Dan Ryan who due to redistricting, will be representing this area in Everett commencing in 2023.  

When was this filed? Thursday, July 14 without floor debate or public input.

As Brad Campbell, President of the Conservation Law Foundation stated, “This is exactly the kind of backroom, dead- of- the night legislative mischief that breeds mistrust in government.” Furthermore he stated that without public process, “the language would wipe away fundamental protections of the public interests that have been in place for literally centuries,”

Not living in Everett, I should have no say in what Everett believes is good for Everett. However, living in Charlestown, this project could and would impact our reliance in entering and existing this community in a timely fashion. It’s noted that we are a community of 20,000 residents and with all the projected proposals for building our census will swell to over 30,000 residents. This should be concerning to all of us as the impacts we experience now will only get worse.

I am asking Rep. Ryan to make the honorable and right decision to withdraw this amendment.

This is not the way government should work. We elect legislators to represent the people and not themselves or special interests. This is wrong and needs to be righted by going through the proper vetting process and let the people have their say, The people’s concerns and input should matter. Give us the opportunity and respect by giving us the chance to have our concerns and thoughts listened to.        

Thank you,

Ann Kelleher

Our Democracy is at Stake

To the Editor:

The January 6 attack on our nation wasn’t a random act by a handful of sore losers, but a premeditated and organized insurrection. Now, thanks to the hearings, there’s overwhelming evidence that Trump and his allies were at the helm of it.

We heard from former members of the Trump administration and Republican state officials about how Trump illegally pressured the Vice President, the Department of Justice, and state legislatures to overturn the election he knew he lost. And when it didn’t work, he summoned an armed mob to march on the Capitol Building in a final, violent attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

These insurrectionist  candidates haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, more than 100 of them have already won their primaries. It’s up to us to do our part and vote to make sure they don’t win this fall.

Should these dangerous candidates win their elections, we could have election deniers in key seats of power, like secretary of state and county clerk, ready to overturn whatever election results they don’t like.

Our democracy is at stake. If we want to hold onto our freedoms to vote, to have our votes decide elections, and to rely on elections to keep our leaders in check, then we have to cast our ballots during the midterms this year on November 8th.

Jo-Ann Sipple

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