City Council Reappoints Cornelio to Five-Year Term

With several residents speaking in support, the City Council voted 7-3 to reappoint City Clerk Sergio Cornelio to another five-year term at a special meeting of the council Monday night.

Cornelio, who appeared before the council with his lawyer, answered the questions that the councilors had asked of him in a public meeting after waiving his right to have the discussion in Executive Session.

City Council President John Hanlon (left) swears in Sergio Cornelio to another five-year term as City Clerk.

Councilor Stephanie Martins questioned Cornelio on the running of the office and overseeing the personnel, noting that he took time off from September to December of last year when his child was born.  Martins noted that there was no paid family leave for city employees.  However, all city employees are able to use their vacation time and accrued sick time for medical leave.

Councillor Alfred Lattanzi noted that the City Charter calls for a vote on this position every five years and he likes to see what applicants are out there.

Councillor Richard Dellisola recommended that Cornelio step down as Chair of the Election Committee.  Cornelio noted that he was not involved in elections and agreed with Dellisola.  However, right now the City Charter reads that the City Clerk must be on the Election Commission. Cornelio suggested that there is time to change the charter.

The three councillors who voted against the reappointment were Martins, Lattanzi, and Vivian Nguyen.

After the vote, Cornelio thanked the council and said, “All of you know that I love being here.”

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