Shute Memorial Library Hosts GCTSA Training Session

The Shute Memorial Library recently hosted the first training session for Growing Community Through Story and Art (GCTSA).  A collaborative effort between Art Lab Everett, Everett Community Growers, Katy Rogers Art and the Everett Cultural Council, the project will be part of  Everett’s First Annual Story Share and Arts Festival to be held at a later date. The training was led by Cara Solomon, the founder of Everyday Boston, a nonprofit that seeks to connect neighbors through sharing of stories. Participants at the event spent time learning how to ask questions that encourage people to share their stories.  The training was made possible with funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Everett Cultural Council and the Everett Citizens Foundation, with its goal to nurture community building, friendship, and understanding through listening, sharing and creating together. 

To learn more about The Everett Cultural Council or other agencies taking part in Growing Community or Story Share, follow the Everett Cultural Council on Facebook or email [email protected].

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