Letter to the Editor

Define What We Mean by Healing

To the Editor:

In the past few weeks a number of elected officials have expressed the need for our community to heal and come together. We should clearly define what we mean by healing. Are you asking us to overlook and forget actions that are offensive to the majority of us?

You are not really trying to understand the diverse needs of our residents! The founding fathers clearly emphasized certain inalienable rights for every human. We cannot really heal when the main perpetrators and their allies are still in power.

How about this?

1. All ten councilors who have repeatedly refused to set a clear line against racist behavior must resign. They must do this in the name of those who were cast to the side and rejected by their own city government. 

2. The new councilors will take office with one mandate: put the needs of our immigrant communities and people of color front and center, whether or not they are eligible to vote.

3. Let the healing begin. The ten former councilors should definitely be part of the new effort to uplift diverse voices.

Can we truly move on with Mayor DeMaria in office? What did the mayor do when Everett was in its most dire time? As a former mayor he could use his influence and time in office to hand the reins to a new generation of diverse leaders from Everett.

Do we need to settle for a city government that has condoned, overlooked and perpetrated racist behavior? 

Osagie Ihegie

Lenka McNally

Matej Jan McNally

Shane McNally

David Green

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