City Council Expected To Vote on City’s Fiscal Year ’23 Budget

The Everett City Council is expected to vote on the proposed Fiscal Year ’23 city budget at its next meeting on June 13.

The Council’s official vote will follow a public hearing and the submission of recommendations from the Council’s Budget Committee. Residents will be able to speak at the Council’s public hearing that will be held prior to the Council meeting.

 Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas said the total amount of the city budget submitted by Mayor Carlo DeMaria to the City Council was $239,474,584 for the general fund. According to Demas, the Council has recommended $77,850 in cuts to the budget.

The total amount of Mayor DeMaria’s proposed Fiscal Year ’23 budget has increased from last year’s budget by approximately $13.8 million.

The bulk of the increase is from the Everett School Department “as a result of Chapter 90 spending increases due to the Student Opportunity Act,” noted Demas. “The School Department budget is up $8,629,741,” he added.

Demas said the Fiscal Year ’23 budget includes 100 percent of Encore Resort’s annual payment to the city which is approximately $26.9 million. “That payment falls under the Community Host Agreement,” said Demas.

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