Sarai Velez’s Haircut for a Cause

Sarai Velez, a popular and talented student-athlete, at Everett High School, led “Sarai’s Haircut for a Cause,” an event held April 14 at the high school.

Velez, who has gallantly battled cancer, led the effort that brought awareness to the hair loss that medical patients often suffer during their treatment phase.

Supt. of Schools Priya Tahiliani and EHS Principal Erick Naumann led the strong showing of support by the high school for the cause.

Sarai Velez thanked the faculty and students for their support of the charitable endeavor.

Gladys Valle, EL Department Chair at Everett High School, best summed up the amazing support that Sarai Velez received from students and faculty on Twitter, stating, “Today was an absolute success. A shutout to EHS staff and students. I’m proud to be part of such a loving and giving community and so excited to be part of an awesome event for an important cause.”

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