DeMaria Announces Selection of Everett’s First Diversity Director

Special to the Independent

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce the selection of Cathy L. Draine as the City of Everett’s first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“I appreciate that residents have shared with me their thoughts on how important it is for the City to have individuals in leadership roles who reflect the diversity in our community and who are dedicated to helping make sure that all our residents share the same experience of living in a safe and welcoming community where government is accessible to them,” said Mayor DeMaria. “I offered the DEI Director position to Cathy because of her extensive work in community engagement and especially because of the work that she has done in other communities to aid in the stability and increased social mobility of individuals and families living at or below the poverty line.”

Cathy L. Draine.

The Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion position for the City of Everett will have both an internal and external focus. The Director will be responsible for increasing the awareness and understanding of the best practices for government workers to engage professionally and responsibly with diverse residents to provide a positive customer experience. The Director also will assist the Administration with its ongoing efforts to recruit and retain an increasingly diverse workforce. The DEI Director also will be responsible for making sure that recommendations from the City’s Diversity Commission are implemented and will support the Commission’s ongoing work in the City. Most importantly, the DEI Director will be responsible for engaging with residents, social service, health and human service, and religious organizations across the City to facilitate meaningful conversations on additional ways to ensure that City government is accessible and is working to meet the needs of all residents.

Ms. Draine has served as the Director of Resident Services/Executive Director for UHM Properties/Neighborhood Network Center, Inc. since 2014.  She also has served as the Director of Community Engagement and Political Action for the State Police Association of Massachusetts since November 2020. Ms. Draine also has held a series of program leadership roles and positions with United South End Settlements, the Freedom House, Pendle Hill Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation, the Children’s Defense Fund, the Friends for Life Corporation, and the Boys and Girls Club of America. Cathy holds a Masters of Arts in Theatre Education-Community Track from Emerson College, a Masters of Arts, Cultural Production from Brandeis University, and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hollins University.  She is expected to assume her role with the City in November.

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