Samantha (DeFlumeri) Hurley Announces Her Candidacy for Ward 3 School Committee

Samantha (DeFlumeri) Hurley announced her candidacy for School Committee of Ward 3. Th following is her statement.

Hello Everett.

My name is Samantha (DeFlumeri) Hurley and I am running for School Committee in Ward 3. I am a 4th generation lifelong Everett resident. I grew up on Kinsman Street next to St. Joseph’s Church and currently reside on Franklin Street near Glendale Park. I am married to a local Everett firefighter and together we have three children who attend Everett Public Schools since pre-school.

My favorite attribute of this great city is that our community is a family. In my family, we enjoy giving back to the community through school fundraisers, charitable walks, the city-wide clean-up, and memorial day flag placement (just some of our children’s favorite events). I appreciate the sense of familiarity, connection, and hope these events instill in our children and many generations to follow.

I am a dedicated youth volunteer with Everett Girl Scouts for over 12 years. I am currently serving as a Troop Leader, Service Team Promoter, and Fall Fundraiser Mentor. I have received the Green and Growing Award, Volunteer of Excellence Award, and GSEMA Appreciation Pin for my commitment and dedication through the years. If elected, I will apply this same dedication, commitment, and persistence as a School Committee member.

If elected, I look forward to addressing the overcrowding in both our schools and classrooms, the under-staffing issues among educators, facility upkeep and the possibility of building expansion, artistic and expressive programs introduced to our elementary schools, open communication and transparency from our administration, and exploring vocational and apprenticeship opportunities so that ALL our students are set to succeed in life. Again, my name is Samantha Hurley, I am running for School Committee in Ward 3 and I will never stop Putting Students First! Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and I look forward to being a part of their journey to greatness. Thank you for your consideration.

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