Now It’s onto November! DeMaria Tops Ballot With 2,883 Votes; Capone Nominated With 1,953 Votes

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Ward 1 Councilor Fred Capone advanced to the Nov. 2 final election after finishing 1-2 in the preliminary election Tuesday.

DeMaria topped the ticket in the three-way race with 2,883 votes, securing 45.2 percent of the total votes cast. Capone received 1,953 votes (30.6 percent) to take second place. Councilor-at-Large Gerly Adrien received 1,499 votes (23.5 percent) and was eliminated from further contention in the race.

DeMaria, who has been Everett’s mayor since 2008, showed strength across the city, receiving the highest number of votes in five of the six wards.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is shown all smiles with members of his family, children Carlo Jr. and Caroline, and wife Stacy. Not shown, daughter Alexandra.
Top vote getter for Councilor-at-Large John Hanlon and top vote getter for School Committee-at-Large Cynthia Sarnie.
Mayoral candidate Fred Capone is all smiles as he watches the returns come in with campaign manager Brian Lombardo looking on.

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of Everett’s voters,” said Mayor DeMaria. “It is a tremendous honor to serve, but it is an honor I will live up to. Thank you for your continued trust

 Capone, who served on the Common Council from 1990-1999 and the new City Council under the charter from 2014 to the present, while also serving for one year (2015) as Council President, prevailed in Ward 1 voting by a 22-vote margin.

Capone addressed his campaign supporters at a post-election gathering.

“You guys have done a tremendous job, you have been wonderful, it has been an incredible high energy campaign,” said Capone. “You have earned this, your hard work, the reward: more hard work. 

We’ve got about 6 weeks, we’ve got to get out there and pound that pavement again, tell people we want better for our city. We’ll get out there, grab those other votes, and we’re going to top the ticket in November.”

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of how you guys ran this campaign how you put our message out there, there was no negativity, nobody was thrown under the bus. We were positive, we said what we wanted for our community and we went about doing it and you know what? I don;t think that’s been heard of in a Mayor’s Race for a long time”

“From the bottom of my heart I cannot tell you how much your support and your effort has meant to all of us,” Capone added.

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