Everett Named Top Spot to Live North of Boston

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Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce that the City of Everett was named one of the Top Spots to Live North of Boston for 2021 by the Boston Globe for the second year in a row. Living costs, infrastructure, accessibility to the City of Boston, and a welcoming community were contributing factors that helped determine the top spots.

“I am beyond proud that the City of Everett was named the Top Spot to Live North of Boston for the second year in a row,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Everett truly is a great place to live and a great place to work. This isn’t a coincidence that the City is receiving this recognition for the second consecutive year.”

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, First Lady Stacy DeMaria, and family dog Hugo at the ‘Welcome’ sign in Wehner Park.

Through a breakdown, the Boston Globe illustrated how the median cost for a single-family home in the City of Everett is $497,500, which is one of the most affordable rates in the area and they have one of the lowest tax rates in the Metro-Boston region. The City of Boston is just a short commute, which is something that is attractive to people. Everett also has Encore Boston Harbor, newly renovated parks, and has made vast infrastructure improvements that draws interest to the community.

“People are finding that living in the City of Everett is a strategic economic decision,” said Mayor DeMaria. “It not only provides residents a convenient commute into the City of Boston, but the cost to live here is affordable with the median single-family home costing under $500,00.”

Tirso Peña, of Peña Realty, mentioned how the housing boom in the City of Everett was actually anticipated. He expressed how wonderful the City has been for his business and was not surprised that about the recognition.

“It has always been a pleasure to be working in Everett,” said Peña. “The housing boom is unsurprising, given its proximity to Boston, the investments made to improve the sidewalks and streets, and the Encore Boston Harbor casino. I have tenants who live in my building that work at the casino, and they want to live close to where they work. People want to be in Everett.”

In the article, former Boston resident Blessing Chitanda mentioned that she and her partner, Shawn Roberts, decided to buy a home in Everett because of the close proximity to the City of Boston and the lower rates. They also decided to move their business to the City of Everett and they feel embraced by the community.

“We have a strong sense of community in the City of Everett,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Whether someone has lived here their whole life or just moved in a few weeks ago, the City of Everett is a warm and welcoming community. There is no divide within, we are one. I look forward to welcoming new residents in our community and allowing them to experience why our City is truly a Top Spot to live. Everett is for everyone.”

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