City Mourns Sudden Loss of Kristin Fulton, Former Wellness Center Employee and Active in Youth Cheerleading as a Coach

Just days after giving birth, former Wellness Center coach Kristin (Ciarlone) Fulton died tragically from complications after the birth, sending a palpable sadness over much of the community this week.

The news came on Friday when it was learned that Fulton had passed away suddenly at what would have been one of the happiest moments in her and her husband, Greg’s, lives.

Now, the community has turned to try to help the family in whatever way they can, with Mayor Carlo DeMaria calling for people to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign and holding a candlelight vigil at Glendale Park on Sunday.

“It is with profound sorrow and disbelief that I am letting you know about the sudden and tragic passing of Kristin Ciarlone Fulton from the Wellness Center,” he wrote in an email last Sunday. “Kristin passed away from complications (after) the birth of her beautiful baby girl just slightly over a week ago. It is so hard to believe how quickly the happiest time in a family’s life can turn so drastically. For many years, Kristin cared for kids throughout our community with her involvement in cheerleading. As a community, it’s our turn now to care for Kristin’s family-her parents, her husband Greg and especially, her daughter Lenna Noel.”

Fulton had worked at the Wellness Center prior to COVID-19 for some time, and was very active in youth cheerleading as a coach also.

As a tribute, on Sunday, May 2, at the request of Fulton’s family, the City of Everett and the family of Kristin Fulton would like to invite all members of the Everett community to join together for a candlelight vigil in her honor at 7 p.m. in Glendale Park.

Those attending are encouraged to wear the color red in honor of Fulton’s pride for the City of Everett and of course, their favorite Walt Disney ears.

Masks will be required during the vigil for the safety of all.

“Stacy and I and our entire family extend our deepest sympathy to Kristin’s family, her friends and all those in the community who knew her,” wrote the mayor. “In our sadness, let’s be reminded of the bright, enthusiastic light that Kristin was in the City of Everett. Please keep Kristin and her family in your thoughts and prayers.”

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