Everett Citizens Foundation Grant Distribution

Mayor Carlo DeMaria had the pleasure of presenting members of Portal to Hope (PTH) a grant distribution from the Everett Citizens Foundation recently.

“Investing in community organizations such as Portal to Hope is essential in ensuring that members of our community receive services they need during times when they are most vulnerable. The support offered and the work done by Deb Fallon and her team is truly remarkable. I look forward to continuing our partnership and assisting the residents of Everett together,” said Mayor DeMaria.

In February, 2020, Portal To Hope (PTH) partnered with the Everett Citizens Foundation to offer a Youth Safety Council (the “Council”). Over the last nine months and while still continuing to navigate through the pandemic, the Council has remained dedicated to its goals, including that some of its original members, who have moved on to higher education, continue to be involved in the Council and share their leadership in mentoring younger members. Since the Council’s inception in Everett, PTH has provided training and support to youth, ages 15-18, empowering them to stand against violence and to promote equality in our community.

“Portal to Hope has over the years provided a much needs ervice to the City of Everett and its residents. The ECF was very proud to be able to financially support their expansion of services through the creation of the Youth Leadership Program,” said Matt Lattanzi (ECF Support Staff).

Portal To Hope was one of 25 grant recipients for ECF’s Year 2, Round 1 grants and they received the maximum grant amount ($10,000).

“Thank you so much for helping us secure funding for Portal to Hope. This year, we took a dramatic hit – losing $100,000 in state funding. Thanks to your help, we are able to maintain program services for youth and our clients in need of emergency shelter and stabilized through COVID-19,” said Deb Fallon (Founder of PTH).

“I’ve been so impressed by your dedication, positive energy and willingness to listen to everyone in the social organizations and you’re so helpful, a pleasure to work with. Thanks for your support of PTH. We’re grateful for you,” said Marnie Gallagher (PTH Victim Advocate).

“Thank you so much for support the Youth Leadership Program at PTH. I am very thankful for your willingness to work with youth,” said Mihret Amare (Chair of PTH Youth Leadership Program).

The ECF’s Year 2, Round 2 applications are now available for submission, with a deadline set for Monday, April 5, 2021. You can find the application on the City of Everett’s website: www.ci.everett.ma.us/DocumentCenter/View/6233/Everett-Citizens-Foundation-Grant-Application-Year-2-Rd-2.

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