Guest Op-Ed: Former Mayor Ragucci Endorses DeMaria for Re-Election Campaign

By Dave Ragucci

Leadership, combined with the ability to make tough decisions, all while managing a flourishing City of over 45,000 residents, is no easy task. I know this because I have been there. As a former Mayor of the City of Everett, I am proud to endorse Mayor Carlo DeMaria as he seeks reelection. 

Since Carlo was elected Mayor, the City of Everett has consistently progressed. His relentless advocacy brought a multi-billion-dollar resort and casino to our community, which has allowed Everett to advance as a City without burdening the taxpayers. If you look around the community, you will see brand new, state-of-the-art parks and recreation spaces, two newly renovated fire stations, direct access to a waterway that many never knew was even there, and many other improvements. 

Through Carlo’s bold ideas and initiatives, Everett has been recognized throughout the Commonwealth and the country as a trailblazer in transportation. He was the first to create dedicated bus lanes to improve congestion to and from Boston, a model that is now used throughout the Commonwealth. He has embraced transportation PILOT programs such as the shared streets program, which has given pedestrians the freedom they want and need to have equal access to the roads. While some of these may sound like small tasks, implementing any change in a City that shies away from altering the norm becomes complex.

I have had the opportunity to work with Carlo throughout my tenure in government and continue to serve as Chairman of the City’s Redevelopment Authority. His vision and execution for redevelopment is unparalleled. While I served as Mayor, Carlo was a Common Councilor and then Alderman at Large. While we didn’t always agree on every issue, we worked together respectfully for the people of this great city. I saw something special in him then, that I still see today. His love and passion for Everett and its people is unmatched. He’s a fair, compassionate and time-tested leader that has led Everett to be the prosperous gateway city that it is.  

I have never questioned Mayor DeMaria’s direction or his leadership. The high regard with which I hold his leadership was further solidified when the COVID-19 pandemic arose. His steadfast commitment to the City, its residents, and their health was unparalleled. His quick choices may have very well saved the lives of many. His decisions set a firm example which was followed by multiple cities and towns.

Being Mayor of a city like Everett is no easy task. It has often been joked that politics in Everett can be a blood sport. It can take a big toll on your family and can, at times, be a thankless job. These are shoes I have walked in. Being in those shoes has given me a unique perspective in evaluating the work that the DeMaria administration has been able to accomplish. He is a tested leader and he is what Everett needs. His ability to unify our community during a time where we were distant in so many ways is paramount. 

I wholeheartedly support Carlo DeMaria’s bid for reelection as Mayor of Everett and I hope you will share in my confidence by casting your vote for him come November 2, 2021.

Dave Ragucci is the former Mayor and City Coucilor of Everett, and the former Town Manager for the Town of Stoneham, and the former Assistant City Clerk for the City of Everett.

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