Encore Boston Harbor Looking for Package License on Site

Encore Boston Harbor will return to the License Board next month with more information on a request to obtain a beer and wine package store license – the only one left in Everett – to sell beer and wine in their 24/7 drug store within the resort.

The Board heard the petition at its Feb. 24 meeting, but Encore’s proposal was lacking key details, like what kind of alcohol products they would sell and what their hours would be. The matter was tabled until more information could be garnered, and will likely be voted upon favorably at the next meeting.

Attorney Julianna Contanzariti told the Board Encore’s overall gaming license – which contains numerous liquor licenses from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) for serving liquor – does not cover the introduction of a beer and wine packie on the premises. The existing licenses granted by the MGC only covers the service of alcohol, and not any retail sales of alcohol.

Everett does have one license available and Encore requested to get that license to sell from their drug store.

“The license would be a retail liquor license and would allow us to sell beer and wine entirely out of the drug store on the first floor,” she said.

The Board had concerns immediately from Chair Phil Antonelli and new Member Mike Dantone. Both said there would be no problem if folks were to buy the products and take them back to their rooms. However, they were concerned that patrons might buy the alcohol and then use existing cups to drink alcohol on the gaming floor or on the HarborWalk outside.

“Having a nice bottle of wine outside sounds nice, I’m sure, but is that the look we really want there?” asked Dantone.

Antonelli said he favors the license, but needed assurances – which was also the case for Member Phil Aloro.

“I’m in favor of the license, but I would not want to see nips, single beers or small Riunite wine bottles being sold so people can possess it and walk around with it,” Antonelli said.

Those details were not available though, as the attorney didn’t have important details like whether nips and single beers would be sold, or what the hours of operation would be given the store is a 24-hour facility. The Board also wanted controls on the product to make sure it isn’t abused.

Attorney Contanzariti said they would send over an Opening Plan to City Attorney Keith Slattery with all of those details, and then go over it at the next meeting. They hope to be able to open the new packie on May 1 or June 1.


The Elm Street Market got permission to move next door for two or three months while their construction project gets underway. They will move back once the space is secure.

Meanwhile, the owner of the former Richdale Store on the Parkway has changed the name to Route 16 Smoke Shop, though there will be no difference in the store or the products.

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