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Up to Date with All of the Latest Developments

To the Editor,

The City has been getting so many questions regarding the COVID19 vaccine and distribution. Since the vaccine was first available, our team has been on every call and webinar to stay up to date with all of the latest developments. The majority of our first responders have been vaccinated.

Please know, although there aren’t any definitive plans at this time, we are eagerly awaiting word from the State as to when we can receive additional doses and provide them to the general public. We understand the process hasn’t been clear on many levels but as a team we are working to execute in the best way possible.

Please have patience and know that we will remain persistent until each resident is vaccinated.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria

The Wrong Focus

To the Editor,

I have said for a long time that we shouldn’t have closed down businesses and put unquestionably harmful setbacks in front of individual small businesses and companies seeing that science and data have shown very little to zero impact in the positive rate of Covid-19 cases in Massachusetts. 

In March, I was the only elected official publicly calling on Encore Boston Harbor to close their doors until such time as they could put measures in place to keep employees and visitors safe. After Re-Opening over the summer, I visited and saw the measures firsthand that are in place and believe they took every possible measure to keep employees and guests safe and stop the possibility of an outbreak. I am pleased that, finally, Gov. Charlie Baker has agreed to let go of the strong hold on what I would call the wrong focus and give businesses the opportunities needed to move forward.

I hope he will continue by shortly increasing capacity from 25 percent.

Michael McLaughlin

Ward 6 Councilor

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