Guest Op-Ed: A Message for 2021 from the Everett DIEE Commission

By Everett DIEE Commissioners

The year 2021 has arrived.

After a year of overwhelming frustration, sadness, and injustice, we have another opportunity to work to, as our forefathers said, “establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility.”

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Equal Employment (DIEE) Commission is moving into 2021 humbled and inspired by the lessons of the painful truths we faced in 2020, with a vision to shine more light on issues of diversity, inclusion, & equity, and with hope for a year in which we will all come together and work for the common good.  We will do this through community input, education, communication, and reform. Our goal is to engage in activities that will be more than transactional. They will be transformational. This transformation will take time. It will take a willingness of many groups to work together for change. It will take a desire on the part of members of our community to open their minds to new ideas and the reality that our city continues to evolve and grow. We are committed to these goals and the long road we will travel to reach them. We look forward to working in harmony with our representatives and our community to achieve them.

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