Assistant City Clerk Attracts Lots of Resumes, Decision Starts Saturday

There are reportedly about 25 applications for the Assistant City Clerk job that became vacant when former Mayor David Ragucci retired from the position and will leave the job this month.

The decision comes down to the City Council, and reportedly the Committee on Legislative Affairs is set to meet on Saturday in an all-day marathon interview process of the candidates.

The job became high-profile last month when former Councilor Peter Napolitano announced his resignation from the City Council with the caveat that he intended to apply for the soon-to-be vacated Clerk’s job. The Assistant City Clerk works under the City Clerk and handles day-to-day operations of licensing and other matters.

Apparently, Committee Chair Anthony DiPierro has called the meeting for Saturday, and each candidate would get approximately 20 minutes for an interview. Candidates are expected to be in person, but there will likely also be an online option for those that wish to remain remote.

After the interviews, the Committee is likely going to recommend finalists, and the City Council could choose   a new Assistant City Clerk as soon as Monday’s meeting.

However, Council President Wayne Matewsky has said at previous Council meetings he didn’t expect a full Council vote until February.

City Councilor Gerly Adrien has been very critical of the process to date, and has asked for an Ethics Commission ruling as to whether there were any violations in regards to Napolitano’s intentions to seek the job.

At the Dec. 30 meeting, she wanted clarification on how thoroughly the position had been advertised.

Resumes were accepted until 5 p.m. on Jan. 6.

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