Skeritt Says He’s Ready to Serve on the School Committee If Asked

Everett’s Dan Skeritt said he has been contacted by City Clerk Sergio Cornelio as possibly gaining an at-large seat on the School Committee, and if approved, he is ready to join the board.

Skeritt, a long-time Everett resident, just lost out on a seat in the last City Election by nine votes – a very slim margin. However, if the Council approves an 11th member to the School Committee, and the State Legislature okays the change, he would now be in the winner’s circle.

Everett’s Dan Skeritt could be the next member brought in to the School
Committee is another Charter Change is approved by the Council on Monday.

“Sergio called me and said he had to legally inform me about the proposed change and asked if I would be interested in the serving,” said Skeritt. “I said absolutely. I love this community. Everything I do and think is for the community and especially the children. I live in the community and want to support the community, especially the young ones among us.”

Skeritt works for the Cambridge Public Schools as a liaison and said he has been working straight out since March to help support families, and would bring that to the Everett School Committee too.

“I would be working in Cambridge and serving in Everett in an equal capacity and that is something I would look forward to,” he said. “All the experience and hard work I’ve gathered from March to December supporting families in Cambridge will be on the table.”

Skeritt also said if he joins, he would be collaborative.

“No one or no one team will be able to do it alone,” he said. “I look forward to collaborating with the stakeholders, which are the students and parents and the educators and School Committee members.”

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