Supporters Show Up For Councilor Adrien

Everett Councilor Gerly Adrien may not have had the support of her Council colleagues in Everett over the last few weeks, but it seems that hundreds of Everett residents, out of town supporters and elected officials from around the region have her back.

That was proven undoubtedly when more than 100 people showed up for a rally put on by elected officials and supporters from Everett, Boston, Revere, Winthrop, Chelsea, Cambridge, Salem and beyond to push back on call by some Everett councilors at an Oct. 26 meeting for her to make “some tough decisions” – essentially meaning she should consider resigning – if she didn’t want to start attending Council meetings in person.

About 100 people showed up from Everett and around the region to support Councilor Gerly Adrien on Monday night in a rally at City Hall. Adrien said the support was heartwarming and that she does not intend on being bullied into resigning her seat. On Oct. 26, some on the Council alluded that she should resign if she wasn’t going to come to meetings in person. Councilor Adrien has chosen to attend meetings on Zoom due to health reasons, even though the rest of her colleagues had moved to in-person meetings in September and October.

Due to health reasons for herself and her family, she had chosen to attend meetings on Zoom while her colleagues came in person to meetings over September and October. The old-school rally out front of City Hall Monday night attracted Boston Council President Kim Janey, former Boston Mayoral Candidate Tito Jackson, Congressman Joe Kennedy, Chelsea Councilor Damali Vidot, Cambridge School Committeewoman Ayesha Wilson, La Communidad Director Antonio Amaya, Everett Supt. Priya Tahiliani, Everett Haitian Community Center Director Myrlande Desrosiers and dozens of others locally and from the region.

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