The EPS and Exelon Make Significant Donation to Students

Exelon Generation, a longtime and loyal partner of the Everett Public Schools, is once again helping students with the resources they need to start the year successfully. As is its yearly back-to-school tradition, Exelon has donated $20,000 in gift cards, which school administrators will distribute to students to purchase school supplies.

“Exelon understands that back-to-school expenses can put a burden on many families, and we hope our $20,000 donation for iPad covers will help ease that burden,” said Archie Gleason, Exelon Generation Northeast Region General Manager. “The pandemic has brought with it additional financial challenges for many Everett families, and we are proud to support Everett Public Schools as they help students prepare for a different type of school experience. Exelon applauds administrators and teachers for all they are doing to ensure the best and safest learning environment for students during these trying times.”

School leaders are  encouraging the families of  students in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten to use the gift cards to purchase covers for the iPads that EPS provided to them so they can easily access the online educational platforms and programs the district is utilizing for its fully-remote educational model, e-Education for Everett.

“This year, more than any before, highlights the need to use every resource we have in the smartest way possible,” said Superintendent Priya Tahiliani. “In that light, it would be great if students who receive the gift cards could buy school supplies that are on backorder, such as iPad covers and headphones.”

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