New Library Board Member Grateful to Have an Opportunity to Serve Everett

As Mayor Carlo DeMaria looks to diversify and get new people on the City’s Boards and Commissions, few of those new recruits will be as grateful and enthusiastic as Edna Micelin to have landed on the Library Board.

Micelin, 35, was nominated to the revamped Library Board – which had been made up for years of several individuals that didn’t live in the city – by Mayor DeMaria, championed by Councilor Wayne Matewsky, and approved by the full Council on Monday night.

Now, she is ready to serve her community, she said.

“I heard it was available if you live in the city and I have a passion for teaching and helping children,” said Micelin. “I have a lot to bring to the City of Everett…I’m excited to serve the community and make the library even better. The library is already very good here, but if there are any tiny cracks, we’ll get them sealed. I’m here to help.”

Micelin is a life-long Everett resident who went to Immaculate Conception grade school, Parlin Middle School and Everett High School. She is the daughter of Joseph and Marie Micelin, and the sister of Jonel Micelin. Her son JJ is a 6th grader at St. Anthony’s School in Everett (where he has perfect attendance and has never missed a day of school) and plays ice hockey in the Everett-Revere Youth Hockey.

After high school, Micelin attended Roxbury Community College, Suffolk University and Lesley University – earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education. She currently works in Child Care, and therein lies her passion for childhood reading and for public library services.

“With me being a mother, I started reading to my son when he was still in the womb,” she said. “Reading early is so important. You start them very young…It’s extremely important to let your kids go to the library and pick the books of their choice. I’m not so excited about the technology and so I think flipping pages and reading a real book is very important for kids.”

However, she also said education is an ongoing process for young adults, adults and older adults – and the library can be the place to continue learning.

“Education never stops,” she said. “Just because you aren’t in school still doesn’t mean you’re done learning. I say to stop by the library and keep educating yourself.”

In the future, she said she would like to see a partnership between the Parlin Library, the Shute Library, and some of the senior buildings – helping them to continue life-long learning through the library.

Even for herself, when in college, Micelin said she used the Everett libraries to get her text books for classes instead of having to spend a ton of money to buy them at the college bookstore. It was a nice perk of the Everett libraries that few know about, she said, but all should take advantage of.

Micelin said she really appreciated the mayor’s confidence in her to nominate her, and she also said she appreciated Councilor Matewsky for believing in her and fighting for good causes in Everett.

“I admire him and his work for the community,” said Micelin. “Wayne has a pulse on the community that others don’t have. The things he fights for are very important and others may not pay attention to them – like the abuse of dogs. Mayor Carlo DeMaria is someone I’ve been working with for a long time and the mayor has always been there for the community.”

After having been approved by the Council Monday night, Micelin starts her service on the Board Oct. 1.

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