Emergency License Board Meeting Thursday

Just one week ago, the Everett License Board politely and sympathetically informed all establishments – and a few that had received complaints about lack of COVID-19 protocols – they needed to tighten up their operations, but apparently the message wasn’t taken seriously.

An Emergency Meeting of the License Board on Thursday, Oct. 1, will hash out those very issues at several establishments observed by state and local officials to be off the mark on COVID-19 restrictions last weekend.

Board Chair Phil Antonelli reported there had been a major situation at Braza Grill last weekend just days after the owner, Paul, had assured Antonelli he was taking the matters seriously.

Reports that came in indicated Braza had more than 100 people inside dancing to music, and practicing no social distancing at all. There are some members of the Board that are calling for the license to be pulled at Thursday’s meeting.

Meanwhile, Antonelli told the Independent that the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) was in Everett over the weekend and had found violations at numerous establishments, including three of the establishments that had been to the License Board Sept. 21 to talk about complaints – which included Lafania Bar & Grill and Lafinca Bar & Grill.

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