City of Everett Unveils New Dedicated Bike Lanes

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is proud to announce a network of new protected bike lanes in the City of Everett.

The new bike lanes, which are installed on School Street, Chelsea Street, Beacham Street, and Bow Street, offers a seamless connection from Everett through Chelsea.

Transportation Director Jay Monty says the extension of the Northern Strand Trail motivated the installation of the new bike lanes.

“As we invest in projects like the Northern Strand Trail and Mystic River trails, it is of equal importance to create connectivity from these trails into the neighborhoods of Everett. The new bike lanes are intended to help strengthen those connections as well as calm vehicle traffic on our main roads,” Monty said.

The goal of the new bike lanes is to create a better connection through Everett from the Mystic River trails over to Chelsea and the Chelsea Greenway. The route runs from the Mystic River trails at the Route 16/Woods Bridge area and uses the protected bike lanes installed last year on the connector roadway between Sweetser and Santilli Highway, then crosses over to School Street where the city recently installed  a “contraflow” bike lane that allows cyclists to ride in both directions on the one-way portion of School Street. From there, the route uses Chelsea Street to connect with Everett Avenue leading into Chelsea.

The state broke ground on the Northern Strand improvements in February. The City of Everett trail extension to the Mystic River waterfront is expected to be open by the summer of 2022.

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