McGonagle Secures $3.55 Million in State Funding for Everett Schools, Infrastructure, and Technology

Last week, State Representative Joe McGonagle and his colleagues at the State House passed H.4932, a $1.8 Billion Information-Technology Bill.

“This bill is a big win for Everett,” said McGonagle “I have no doubt this will help all residents as we move towards a better Everett.”

The $3.55 Million State Rep. McGonagle secured for Everett will be distributed to numerous projects around the city.

•$1.5 Million will be used to address the disparities in education, housing, and small businesses, specifically addressing disparities that impact social and economically marginalized communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system or by racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias.

•$1 Million will be provided for electronic learning devices for Everett students and Online Technology and Instructional Sessions for educators.

•$250,000 will be used for information technology upgrades for Everett public schools. 

•$250,000 will be allocated to help provide Everett with free wireless internet in parks and public spaces.

•$250,000 will be used to improve Everett’s virtual city hall operations.

•$150,000 will be used for repairs, upgrades, and emergency backup generators for the Ferry St. fire station and the 911 Call Center.

•$150,000 for the feasibility, design, and engineering for a new police station headquarters in Everett.

“I am proud to have stood up for our city and brought back the resources that Everett deserves, ” said McGonagle. ”No one should have to face a disadvantage in education, housing, or in business. It is equally important that our schools are equipped with the tools necessary as our teachers and students prepare for a unique school year amidst this public health crisis. As the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our communities online, it is crucial essential services like our city hall and our first responders are able to adapt and remain operational.”

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration and possible passage there.

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