Concession Stand Open During LL Playoffs at Sacramone Park

Business has been brisk at the concession stand for Everett Little League (ELL) games at Sacramone Park.

“We’re selling hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels, soft drinks, Italian ice, water – all the basic stuff,” reports ELL Concessionaire George Castiello. “We’re doing really well.”

At the beginning of the season, the City of Everett installed a plexiglass partition to help concession workers maintain social distancing at the stand.

Castiello oversees operations at the stand, but the long-time Everett youth sports coach said Little League “mom helpers” Rebecca Belloise, Lisa Harr, and Kelley Guida are the key contributors to the success of the venture.

Even so, the three ladies have nicknamed the stand “George’s Concession.”

“It’s Everett Little League’s Concession Stand, not George’s Concession Stand,” said Castiello humbly.

“We love George and enjoy helping out at the concession stand and we’re dedicated for the league,” said Belloise. “We all have children that have played in the league for many years.”

Minor League Blue Jays fan Stephen Shirley stopped by the stand Monday night to purchase a hot dog and a soft drink.

“The hot dogs and all the concessions are always great and the staff is very friendly and nice,” said Shirley.

The concession stand will remain open for the league playoffs which continue through mid-August.

The funds generated from concession stand sales help defray expenses for the league.

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