Junior Police Academy Brings Youth and Police Together

The Everett Police Department held its annual Junior Police Academy (JPA) on Tuesday, July 21.

This year, rather than a week-long session, the department modified the program to hold a single-day session due to COIVD-19. A total of 20 Everett youth, which ranged from 5th to 9th grade were able to learn from Everett Police, including Chief Steven Mazzie.

“Our annual JPA is always one of the bright spots of the Summer.  Anytime we can put Cops and Kids together in a meaningful way, it is a plus for our city. We not only get to foster positive relationships, but we get to give a glimpse into local policing in hopes of sparking an interest in our profession,” Chief Steven A. Mazzie said.

Each year, the Junior Police Academy features a variety of training sessions for cadets to participate in. The program includes, classroom instruction, hands-on police tactics training and physical training. Members of the Police Department were assigned a group of kids and served as staff instructors and supervise the cadets throughout the day. Cadets were also  required to wear masks and socially distance throughout the entire day to follow all state guidelines.

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