Businesses Doing Good Following COVID-19 Protocol

Businesses allowed to re-open after the COVID-19 lockdowns this spring have been doing a good job of following all of the protocols and safety guidelines, according to Public Health Nurse Sabrina Firicano.

Through the month of June and July, many businesses have been allowed to re-open their doors to the public, but it’s not like old times. There have been many restrictions on occupancy, protocols for appointments, sanitizing measures and mask requirements.

It is a heavy lift for a lot of businesses, but City officials said things are going well.

“The businesses have been doing a really good job,” she said. “They want to open and want to do the right things because they don’t want to close again. Those closures really hurt a lot of businesses. They want to wear masks because it protects customers and employees whether at a restaurant, barber shop or hair salon.”

She said all of the businesses have been in compliance and there have been no major issues. She said they do have inspectors that go out and check on complaints or spot inspections. Most, however, are focused on education and not penalties.

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