You May Now Kiss the Bride: DeMaria Marries Couple in Unexpected Wedding Ceremony on Cape Cod

It was supposed to be a weekend getaway for Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his family on Cape Cod – a break from the long haul of COVID-19 – but a day on the beach turned the mayor into a reverend.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria reported on Monday the incredible story of his weekend getaway where while on the beach in Cape Cod on Saturday, he was able to help two strangers, who are surgeons from Cape Cod Hospital, to get married when their minister couldn’t make it.

Dr. Matt Kalliath and Dr. Naomi Wiens were about to be married on Saturday in a sunset wedding on the beach in West Yarmouth. As the time came to start the ceremony, panic set in when they couldn’t find the minister. Soon, they found that the minister wasn’t coming due to a last-minute emergency.

Now, with the sun setting, their wedding was in crisis mode.

Wiens set out for the beach, and while in her wedding gown, began searching for anyone who might be able to marry them. Wiens’s mother also set out trying to find some stroke of luck.

She found the luck in Mayor DeMaria.

After explaining the situation to the mayor, they asked if he would step in and marry the couple so that the show could go on. DeMaria told her he would love to help, but he didn’t have the authority as mayor to marry anyone.

All was not lost, though, as Mayor DeMaria said he would call Gov. Charlie Baker and find out if there was any way he could get temporary authority as Justice of the Peace.

As luck would have it, Gov. Baker answered and told DeMaria he could grant him special authority for the day to marry the couple. So, Gov. Baker did grant the permission and the bride, groom and the mayor headed over to the altar for the wedding.

The wedding took place as planned, an Gov. Baker even called the couple afterwards to congratulate them.

It was an unbelievable turn of events, and one that Mayor DeMaria said was an incredible experience – though absolutely unexpected.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kalliath and Wiens held a special luncheon in Mashpee to thank the mayor, and present him with a special gift.

It was a welcome turn of events, because the couple had already been forced to cancel their big wedding plans due to COVID-19. Instead, they had planned to have the smaller, sunset wedding on the beach. When that began to fall apart, they were distraught.

Now, all is well, and the happy couple tied the knot – with the help of Mayor DeMaria – and Kalliath is preparing to join Cape Cod Hospital.

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