Letter to the Editor

They Deserve Our Support

Dear Editor,

On Monday morning I stood on the picket line with the employees of Veterans Transportation in Everett. It is absolutely a shame that yet more blue-collar workers like the drivers of Teamsters Joint Council 10 – namely Veterans Transportation – need to find them on the picket line as of Sunday evening. These individuals and countless others are the men and women whom I have done my best my entire life to stand up for and fight side-by-side with. These men and women absolutely should be considered essential employees and treated with respect and appreciation. They daily move the individuals that need the assistance the most – our seniors and disabled individuals – across the state of Massachusetts. We all know a family member or neighbor who has benefitted from the ride program offered by the MBTA. We should all share in the opportunity to stand up for those drivers and let them know that we appreciate the assistance that they have given others. These individuals continue to work throughout the pandemic never thinking about their needs but always thinking about how they can better serve their customers and the needs of others first. They are the men and women who get our loved ones and neighbors to doctor’s appointments, shopping for food and other needs and from point A to point B. They are always available when called on and truly showed that throughout the pandemic. It is unfair for them to now be treated this way. I proudly stand with them and I call on the owner to do the right thing by the people that do the right thing by our family members, neighbors and communities. One more hour of these drivers not being behind the wheel is one more hour that our most valuable residents can’t count on them.

Michael J. McLaughlin

Candidate For State Representative

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