DeMaria Responds to the Murder of George Floyd: Everett Police Called into Boston to Help

Mayor Carlo DeMaria called the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis a “cowardly act of inhumane brutality,” and City leaders and Everett Police joined him in holding an online vigil Tuesday night that occurred after Independent deadlines.

“Injustice refers to a particular event that causes an unfair or undeserved outcome; the death of Mr. Floyd was an unjust and cowardly act of inhumane brutality,” he said. “This horrific act did not happen in Everett, nor did it happen in Massachusetts. However, the effects can be felt throughout the country, both near and far.

The H + M store on Boylston Street in Boston’s Back Bay was destroyed and looted of clothing during the violent portion of Sunday/Monday’s protests.
Just a few hours after the looting in the Back Bay subsided, a man in a suit heads off to work on Monday morning through the destruction of Boston’s ritziest neighborhood.

“Watching the horrific video was painful to my family and me, but I can’t imagine how painful it is for Black and Brown Americans,” he continued. “While I cannot fully comprehend nor understand what you are going through, I do understand the pain and anger felt by so many in our country, because I share these feelings.”

The vigil was planned to be online due to social distancing restrictions, and it was hoped that many would participate from their homes.

“Together, our community will join together in solidarity to make our voices heard loud and clear against racism in all forms,” he said. “On Sunday, the City of Boston joined the rest of the country to peacefully protest. The vast majority of participants did just that. Unfortunately, late into the morning things took a turn for the worst and what was intended to be peaceful turned violent.”

As things began to spiral out of hand in Boston on Sunday and early Monday morning, Boston Police called in mutual aid from Everett Police, Chelsea Police and Revere Police – to name a few.

Several Everett Police officers reported to areas of Boston to help solidify the police force and prevent widespread looting that took place in the Back Bay and downtown Boston.

“Thank you to the brave police officers, including officers from the Everett Police Department who protected the City of Boston from acts of destruction and violence,” the mayor said. “May God bless the family of George Floyd, the brave law enforcement officials, and our country during this time.”

In protests on Thursday, May 28, one Everett man was arrested during a short clash with Boston Police outside the South End Police Station.

Nathan Johnson, 24, of Everett, was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

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