Village Bar and Grill Makes Pizza Donation to Health Workers and Seniors

The restaurant on 38 Norman St. has been a vibrant spot attracting residents from Everett and beyond for a couple of years. While the negative financial impacts of the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the business to remain closed for the past month, the owners, Joao and Doroteia Lopes, still wanted to give back to the community.

Joao and Doroteia Lopes deliver 200 slices of pizza for health workers.
Lisa Parker and Charles DiPerri assist Joao and Doroteia Lopes with unloading the
pizza and deliver to each floor with Councilor Martins.

Joao coordinated with Councilor Stephanie Martins to deliver 200 slices of pizza and chicken fingers to health workers at the Everett Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital, all carefully individually packaged, followed by another donation of pizza to seniors at the Everett Villa Cooperative on 66 Main St. only two days later.

The seniors who have had their routines completely altered by the pandemic were delighted to receive the donation

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