Volunteers Clean Everett’s Waterfront

This past April, the Mystic River Watershed Association created a network of determined volunteers, who have been working clean up both shores of the Malden River.  

In an effort to keep the Malden River clean and trash-free, President of the Friends of the Malden River and project manager of Trash Free Malden River, Karen Buck organized a group of Malden residents to clean up Everett’s new waterfront park, Rivergreen.

“I want to thank the Friends of the Malden River for going above and beyond during this time to tend to the environment, specifically Everett’s Rivergreen Park. Having a clean waterfront not only makes our city look better, but it’s also essential to the health of Everett residents” Mayor Carlo DeMaria said.

The Mystic River Watershed Association joined the #trashtagchallenge by creating an April Earth Month. While volunteers worked to clean up the shoreline, they also picked up street litter to prevent trash flowing through storm water street drains into the Malden River.

To date, volunteers have collected 29 bags of trash out of the Rivergreen riverbanks.

Trash bags included, approximately 1817 single use plastic bottles, ten bags of degraded plastic. The also collected a TV, cooler, and soda C02 dispenser. On the opposite shore (River’s Edge), volunteers collected 15 bags of trash that was all plastic and Styrofoam, including approximately 2,074 single use plastic bottles.

“We all share the responsibility of respect and care for our Malden River and our environment. We improve our lives through caring for our environment.  Come to the Malden River and enjoy the nature it provides.  Make a small change in your lifestyle that will make a huge difference for the world,” Karen Buck said.

Contact the [email protected] to learn more about how to prevent plastics from destroying the water, food, and air.

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