EnVision Hotel Designated by Gov. Baker for COVID-19 Recovery

The EnVision Hotel on the Parkway opened to the public with great fanfare exactly three years ago this week, and in a twist of fate no one could have ever predicted, it is now doubling as a COVID-19 medical recovery facility for residents of Everett and the region – with Gov. Charlie Baker, Mayor Carlo DeMaria and members of the state delegation leading the way to place the facility in Everett.

Late on Tuesday, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, State Senator Sal DiDomenico, and State Rep. Joseph McGonagle, along with Gov. Charlie Baker, announced that Envision Hotel will serve as an isolation facility for individuals who are recovering from COVID-19. Everett residents will receive preference to the facility while the facility will be open to the entire region.

“As the positive cases continue to rise, I’m grateful to have an isolation facility right in Everett,” said DeMaria. “Our residents have been greatly affected by the pandemic and I’m grateful that the Governor and his Administration recognized the need to keep our residents safe and stop the spread. Together, we will get through this.”

Said DiDomenico, “This isolation and recovery location is critically important for the city of Everett. I have had several conversations with Governor Baker, MEMA and the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Command Center about the challenges that we are facing together and the many needs in our city, including an isolation site. I am grateful that the Governor and his team have, once again, responded by opening the Envision Hotel and providing all the necessary staffing, supplies and food for patients.  This will allow our residents at home to stay healthy and for members of our community to have a place to recover from this virus.”

The hotel facility reportedly opened on Monday night, and sources indicated there were already 15 people there recovering in the hotel’s rooms. Everett had been part of the effort with Revere and Chelsea at the Quality Inn on Rt. 1, but reportedly pulled out of that deal this week as it required a substantial payment from the City. This facility, reportedly, would have more expenses covered by the state rather than the City – making it closer than the Quality Inn and less expensive, sources said.

The Baker Administration has opened a total of five state-operated isolation and recovery sites across the state. The medical component of EnVision is being run by Beth Israel/Lahey Health. When an individual is brought to Envision, they are transported by the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. There are multiple medical providers on staff and each individual is screened by a medical professional prior to entry.

Guests of the facility are having their vital signs checked twice a day and receive the necessary medical care based on their distinct needs. The faciality is equip with Narcan and an AED to ensure that the safety and welfare of the guests is paramount. 

“I think it’s really important that the City utilize all its’ resources during this pandemic to protect and prevent the spread of the disease. I’m very grateful to the Envision Hotel for allowing its building to perform such a crucial service. Moments like this prove Everett is strong, united and continuing to fight this disease,” said State Rep. Joseph McGonagle.

The facility is equipped with a security guard on each floor and the Everett Police Department will be on premises at all times. Additionally, all meals will be provided to guests.

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