DeMaria Honors Schiavo Club forCommitment to City

At the Council meeting on Monday, February 24, Mayor Carlo DeMaria celebrated Carmen A. Schiavo & Associates for its ongoing commitment to the city. He gave out citations to three of the representatives of the club, which has a history of donating its hall, its food and its money to support local causes.

“We appreciate the friendship of the Schiavo Club,” said Mayor DeMaria. “You’ve always treated us with lots of respect and love. On behalf of the city of Everett, I want to express our gratitude for all that you have done for the residents of our city.”

In 2019, the organization donated over $36,000 to various causes, including toy drives, Thanksgiving dinners and the Brandon Conde fundraiser. Everett High graduate Conde suffered life-changing spinal cord injuries when he was involved in an accident last summer and funds were raised to make his home handicap-accessible.

On Monday, the Schiavo Club donated an additional $200 to veterans services, rounding out its contributions for the year to $2,000.

“It’s a wonderful group of people,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, who has been a member of the group for 20 years. “It’s an organization people should be interested in joining. I’m proud to be a member.”

Accepting the award on behalf of the group were its president, Joseph Orsigno, treasurer, Richard Auger, and the Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Jeanne Cristiano.

The Schiavo Club was named after Carmen A. Schiavo, a U.S. Marine corporal who was killed in action in Okinawa during WWII. It was created in his honor just a few years later with the aim of supporting veterans. There are currently openings for membership.

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