Councilor Matewsky Signals He Is Thinking About State Rep Run

In a field that already contains two strong candidates for state representative, now a third strong candidate in Councilor Wayne Matewsky is entertaining the idea of jumping into the race.

Matewsky, 60, previously served as the state representative for Everett, and this week he said he has been approached by supporters about running for the seat.

“A lot of people have approached me,” he said. “I’m considering it, but my family comes first…I’m happy to be on the City Council and received a strong vote last fall. Again, there are quite a few people who have approached me to see if I’m interested. I’ll make my decision in the next few weeks. There’s no rush. I have some union support that did pledge to support me. It is a good opportunity. At the same time, my mother comes first, and there is something to be said for having a nice, relaxing summer.”

Matewsky is a veteran of City politics and finished just two votes shy of the top of the Council at-large ticket last November. Previously, he had topped the ticket since returning to the Council. In 2013-14, he was elected and served as Everett’s state representative – losing a tight battle to current Rep. Joe McGonagle.

Were he to enter, it would mean that Matewsky, McGonagle and Councilor Michael McLaughlin would battle it out in the September Democratic Primary Election.

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