Brian Corr, Announces His Candidacy for Democratic State Committeeman

Brian Corr has announced his candidacy for Democratic State Committeeman.  The following is his statement:

“I am excited to be a candidate for Democratic State Committeeman in the Middlesex & Suffolk District. My name will be on the Democratic primary ballot and I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 3 — or during the week February 24-28 if you participate in early voting.

A lifelong Democrat, I was elected in 2012 as an Affirmative Action Member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. Now I am running to represent our district, which includes Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett, and parts of Cambridge and Boston. 

You can read more about me, what I’ve accomplished, and what I stand for at my — — and here are three things I want to highlight:

* I know how to bring people together to achieve common goals and make positive change.

* I’m a progressive activist and community-builder who’s lived in Cambridge for more than 15 years, and I’ve helped lead the Cambridge campaigns for Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Katherine Clark.

* I have real experience, including three years as Chair of the Cambridge Democratic City Committee from 2016 to 2019, and as an active member of the Democratic State Committee. I’ve also served as one of the Sergeants-at-Arms for multiple Democratic State Conventions, ensuring that elections are fair and every vote is counted!

I’ve been endorsed by:

• Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W Tompkins

• Governors Councilor Terrence Kennedy

• State Sen. Sal DiDomenico, Middlesex & Suffolk

• State Rep. Kevin G. Honan, Allston/Brighton

• State Rep. Joe McGonagle, Everett

• State Rep. Daniel Ryan, Charlestown and Chelsea

• Cambridge City Councillor and Former Mayor Marc McGovern

• Cambridge City Councillor and Former Mayor Denise Simmons

• Chelsea School Committee Member Marisol Santiago

• Chelsea School Committee Member Henry Wilson

• Everett Democratic City Committee Chair Patti Cheever

• Cambridge Democratic City Committee Chair Warren Behr

• Cambridge Ward 4 Chair Sherry Hall

• Cambridge Ward 7 Chair Kelsey Harris

With your support, I will be able to serve as the Democratic State Committeeman for our district— and do even more to identify and support new activists and future leaders and candidates.”

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