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McLaughlin Enters Race For State Rep.

Dear Editor:

It’s not often that someone gets to say that they have been able to pursue their lifelong dream. For me, I have had that privilege to serve the people of Everett as a City Councilor for seven years. It is something I have poured my life into, making it nearly a full-time job. My time on the City Council has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have prided myself on being an independent voice for the people of Everett and someone they can count on.

With the urging of friends, family and supporters, I have decided to continue my dream and represent Everett on a full-time basis. It is an honor and truly humbling experience to announce today that I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination for State Representative in the 28th Middlesex District.

As a lifelong Everett resident, I have grown up understanding the importance of community service. My goal from an early age was to try to help better enhance my community so that others would have the same opportunities that the City of Everett has given to my family.

This brings me to the reason I use the slogan “Everett’s Independent Voice.” Every day, I try to be a voice that the residents can count on and be proud of. The residents of Everett have stood with me, and it has been my great honor to stand strong for them…even in the face of unrelenting pressure from others. I have never forgotten that I work for the people of Everett and nobody else.

As a proud graduate of the Everett Public Schools, I have a first-hand knowledge of our school’s needs. The Everett Public Schools create a foundation for children to go on to pursue their dreams. Whether that be in higher education or the opportunity to enter the workforce, EPS grads need a State Representative who will continue to fight for them. Our school system needs leaders on all levels to help make these opportunities a reality. That is why I was proud to fight alongside our teachers and students against budget cuts that would have decimated our schools…a fight I was proud to be on the winning side of.

Traffic is another issue that has reached a critical point here in Everett. The Tobin Bridge has a major negative impact on traffic in our community. Thousands of cars a day come off of Route 1 and cut through our city streets to go into Boston and to skip the toll. This has drastically increased the number of vehicles on our side streets and throughout our neighborhoods. The negative impacts this has caused on our community as a whole is something that I will make sure that state officials understand.

Much like the rest of Greater Boston, housing affordability in Everett has reached a breaking point. I have a voting record that shows strong and unwavering support for seniors, veterans and those who are struggling to get by. I have been so proud to vote for affordable housing projects across the City of Everett, including at the old Saint Teresa’s and Pope John High School, to ensure Everett families can continue to live in the City of Everett.

Over the past 10 years, I have knocked on your door many times. I have had conversations around countless kitchen tables, on front porches and at front doors to understand the struggles families across our city live with. As one of seven children growing up in a family in Everett, I know the struggles each of us face. Like many of the families in Everett, we often lived week-to-week, concerned about paying the bills that were coming due.

I want to be a State Representative that does everything they can to enhance the quality of life for every Everett resident…no matter who you are, who you know or where you came from. I believe everyone who calls Everett home, deserves a voice at the State House…period.

I truly look forward to the next several months leading up to September 1st Democratic Primary. Like each of my other campaigns, having the opportunity to have thousands of conversations on every street and at every door across our city will be what drives me.

I am 100 percent committed to this race and will work tirelessly for your vote.

If you would like more information about my candidacy or would be willing to help along the way, please feel free to always contact me directly at 781-560-3791 or  [email protected].


Michael McLaughlin Candidate for State Representative

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