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Looking at the way Councilors are elected

Dear Editor:

In regards to the changing the way the  Ward City, Councillors are elected as proposed By City Councillor Matewsky, I disagree with him ( and he is a good friend of mine ) for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons is that it would be very unfair to Councillors who are running at-large. The at-large candidates would have to spend much more money and time soliciting votes and  they would receive the same salary as those that run for a Ward Seat, also the the at-large candidates would vote on measures that are good for the entire City, as the ward candidates  possibly  would only have to be concerned about their particular Ward

At-large candidates would have to compete for one of the five Councillors seats whereas there would be a larger number of Candidates competing and the ward candidates would only have to compete probably between one or two candidates.

 I attended many meetings on the new charter reform committee (not as a member) but as a citizen who was concerned, as many other did and  the voting city wide was discussed and debated, the decision now was as it s now!

Please reconsider, Mr Matewsky, and new council members, if it comes up again, please vote to leave it the way it is .

Salvatore Sachetta

Former President of the Board of Alderman  Member of the Newly Councillors.

A Job Well Done

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Mayor DeMaria on a job well done during Saturday’s snowstorm.  I drove from Woburn to Everett via 93S.  When I got on to 93S it was a snow covered ice skating rink.  It did not look like a plow or sander had touched the road in hours. I was very concerned how I was going to get through Everett if the highway was that bad.  Well imagine my surprise when I got to Hancock St. on the Everett/Malden line and saw pavement! Everett had the best plowed streets I drove on that night! The streets were plowed better than the highway.  I was also impressed when I woke up Sunday morning to Bradford St. being plowed to pavement as well as Moreland Place (and I didn’t have to use 311 to get Moreland Place plowed!)  Thank you so much for a great job with the plowing and keeping the people of Everett safe!

Lisa Boys

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