Gross Gaming Revenues Hit a High for Dec. At Encore

Encore Boston Harbor recorded its highest monthly Gross Gaming Revenues in December since opening last June, surging behind steady slot machine revenues and much larger table game revenues in December.

The total wagered in December was $330.5 million, which includes the total coin-in on the slots and the Table game revenues.

Encore recorded $54.01 million in Gross Gaming Revenues for the month of December, largely considered to be one of the slower months for Northeast gaming facilities. However, it was the strongest month so far for the casino, as its previous high had been $52.4 million last August.

A key reason for the surge in December was a very high table game revenue number. Table game revenues slid last fall, but rebounded in December by almost $7 million over November. The Table revenues for December were $31.4 million, which was up from $24.5 million in November and $23.5 million in October. The largest Table revenues came in August when Encore hit $52.4 million. The slot numbers held steady from their increase from last month at $22.6 million in slot revenues, just down from November’s $22.7 million number. The slot hold was up from November though, at 8.18 percent – meaning that the casino kept more of the money wagered. It was the highest slot hold since the opening days in June, when it was at 9.75 percent.

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