Everett LNG and Mystic Employees Enthused About STEM Science Successes

Nine employees from Mystic and Everett LNG took a break from their day-to-day responsibilities to judge STEM science fair projects at Everett High School on Jan. 15. Science enthusiasts in Grades 9-12 proudly displayed 45 projects, which ranged from reverse engineering a glue stick to reinventing Monopoly by adding a robotics component.

“Exelon employees have volunteered as science fair judges for many years, and each year the projects seem to get more interesting and sophisticated,” said Northeast Region’s General Manager Archie Gleason. “It’s always good to hear the buzz from employee volunteers returning to work with stories about the student projects they evaluated. It’s a reminder to all of us to take a pause from time to time in our busy schedules to show our community commitment – and learn something from the next generation of employees who are showing initiative and an interest in science.”

“It was great to see so many students with enough interest in science and innovation to research something new, conduct experiments to test a hypothesis, and even apply computer programming in a creative way,” said Shipping Analyst Dan Foley. “To then take these projects and prepare verbal and written presentations for total strangers took it to an even higher level.” Foley was joined by Mystic 7 Plant Manager Mark Donahoe, along with Jonathan Bernblum, Dan Foley, Ying Ng, Connie Martin, Mark Rodgers, Archie Gleason, Carol Churchill and Chris Carr.

“The Everett Science Department is truly grateful to have Exelon Generation as a business partner,” said Ann Ritchie, Director of Science for Everett Public Schools. “Not only are they generous in funding STEM programs, but their employees give of their time and expertise to students and add another important dimension to the learning process. The many ways that Exelon has chosen to connect students with the energy field and the Everett business community have been invaluable.”

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