Superintendent Contracts With Consultant for Education Funding

A new consultant has been contracted by the Everett Public Schools to advise the district on the increased funding and implementation of the Student Opportunity Act – the wide-ranging education reform bill signed into law last November.

Interim Supt. Janice Gauthier told the School Committee on Monday in their first meeting of the year that she had executed a contract with Ribas Associates to come up with a three-year plan for the Student Opportunity Act. The Act looks to bring a lot of new funding into the district incrementally over the next seven years, starting in this year’s State Budget. Districts all over the state – particularly Gateway City districts like Everett, Chelsea and Revere – have begun planning for the best uses of the money as it begins to come in.

Gauthier said it would likely be similar to a District Improvement Plan, and that former Lexington Supt. Paul Ash would be working on the Everett plan.

“This is a reality that is coming along soon,” said Gauthier. “It will be very interesting work and it’s all about the kids and raising them up the best way possible.”

•Executive Session Soon

Chair Tom Abruzzese said the Committee and its new members would need to have an Executive Session briefing as soon as possible and before the next meeting on Jan. 21.

He said he thought that meeting would take place sometime next week.

“There are some things you have to be made aware of that are going on in the Everett Public Schools,” he said.

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