Major Construction Milestone Completed in Eversource Transmission Project

Twenty-feet below the Mystic River in Everett sits a 550-foot-long pipe Eversource recently installed that will eventually house a new 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line. This power line will not only enhance reliability for the overall electric system, but also will address the growing need for electricity in the region as identified by ISO-NE, New England’s power grid manager.

“As New England’s businesses and population grow, and the demand for electricity changes, we’re working proactively with state and town officials to ensure that our electric system keeps pace with our customers’ evolving needs,” said Eversource Vice President of Project Management Stephen Sullivan. “This project is one of many we are currently constructing that maintain and upgrade the transmission system to provide clean energy for every moment of our customers’ lives.”

The new 115-kV underground transmission line will connect the energy company’s Mystic Substation in Everett and the Woburn Substation. The line will extend approximately eight miles between the two substations and will pass through Everett, Charlestown, Somerville, Medford, Winchester, and Woburn. The reliability upgrade will improve the supply of electric demand to customers, harden the power grid to withstand extreme weather events, and handle a sudden disturbance or unexpected loss of power.

In addition to reliability benefits, this project will enable greater access to newer, more efficient, and cleaner generating plants, like offshore wind and solar, which will decrease air emissions by reducing the operation of less-efficient power plants. Transmission infrastructure projects like the Mystic-Woburn Line also help communities by providing them with additional tax revenues. As always, Eversource and its contractors work closely with community leaders to mitigate any potential traffic disruptions wherever work is being done.

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