Encore Withdraws Zoning Proposal for Snow Farm on Lower Broadway

Encore Boston Harbor has withdrawn a proposal to create a snow storage farm at several lots on the opposite side of the resort.

Wynn Design and Development had filed with the City to combined 20 different properties they own on Lower Broadway into a single lot. The use of the lot was defined as an area to handle and store snow coming from the grounds of the resort. It would have also required the use of heavy construction equipment.

Under the current zoning, the use of snow storage isn’t allowed in the Lower Broadway district, and would have required a change of use at the Zoning Board.

Already, the matter had been scheduled for a hearing at the Dec. 16 Zoning Board meeting.

However, a spokesperson for Encore Boston Harbor said they were withdrawing the proposal due to costs.

“We were planning to build a snow handling and storage yard,” said Spokesperson Rosie Salisbury. “However, after the cost and schedule evaluation, it has since been canceled. We have officially withdrawn the permit application from the City. There will be nothing happening for those lots.”

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