Letters to the Editor

Thank You from Gerly Adrien

Dear Editor,

I just want to say thank you to Everett. You have taken the chance on me and I will be forever grateful for it. When I first ran for office, I said I would bring a different kind of politics. I will not be a typical or traditional politician. This seat is about you. We will make great improvements in our city. I love Everett and am so happy to be your next City Councilor At-Large.

In the next coming days, you will hear the work we plan on doing. We will do this the right way for everyone to feel like they belong at the table, no matter, what your income, race or gender is.

I am everyone’s councilor.

Special Thanks: God, My husband – David Lindsey, my Dad and Mom for first coming to Everett, stepmom, brothers, My cousin – Guerline Alcy, Renee Solano, Nekita Lemour, Everett 10 youth we hired, Everett Newspapers – Independent and Leader Herald, 32BJSEIU, Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Boston Councilor Lydia Edwards, Councilor Mike Marchese and Rommel and Myrkiel at Kafe Kreyol on 299 Main St., all the community leaders, Reverend Myrlande Desrosiers, Lucy Pineda, Edwin Argueta, Antonio Amaya, Kathleen O’Brien, Jaime Lemeder,  and most importantly – the Haitian Community.

To all who didn’t vote for me, I hope to earn your trust. My number is 617-835-8267. I look forward to getting to know you.

Gerly Adrien

Councilor at-Large Elect

The Door to Serve is Always Open

Dear Editor,

I’d like to recognize all the candidates who ran positive campaigns of merit who weren’t successful.  You see, while I have been around for 35 years, it has not been 35 years of continuous service. Contrary to what you’ve been told the last three months, I served five terms on the former Common Council only to get crushed when I ran for a sixth. I know what it’s like to win and I also know what it feels like to lose. The self-doubt, the loneliness and rethinking over and over what went wrong and what you could have done different.  You go through periods of sadness, anger and joy.  

To those candidates…focus on the joy. Running for office is hard work. It takes a lot of time, money, effort and sacrifice to get your personal message to the voter.  It’s a long season, seven months, from the time you pull papers to that piece of paper with the results are posted election night. Along the way, going door to door, took you to streets you may never have set foot on. It took you deep into the neighborhoods and off the main streets to meet new people and reacquaint with old ones. You got to see the amazing and unique architecture.  You witnessed the pride people put in their homes with landscaping and vegetable gardens. You saw the welcome banners hanging and welcome mats and felt it. 

Commitment to community isn’t defined by a title, but by involvement.  Volunteer, mentor, join a charitable or fraternal organization and stay visible, because we need you. You’re  part of the fabric of this place we call home and we are stronger and better because of you. From personal experience,  the door to serve is always open.

Frank Parker

Everett School

Committee – Ward 3

Thank You, Everett

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, the 2019 municipal election was held in Everett. We saw 4,969 votes cast by our residents. We had many candidates step forward who placed their name on the ballot and shared their ideas, dedication and love for our community. I am thankful to each of them and congratulate them for stepping forward as candidates, and I look forward to building strong working relationships with each of them going forward. Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean they don’t have a voice in the city. I have continuously been the voice for the residents of Everett, and I have stood up when it mattered the most to make the tough decisions, to ensure that the peoples’ voice has been heard in City Hall.  Again in this year’s municipal election, I have been gifted by an overwhelming show of support for a job well-done in the past. The opportunity to continue to serve in city government is the honor of my life. This campaign was a different type of campaign for me. We showed that government truly works best when you listen to your bosses, the people of Everett.

I want to thank the 2,563 residents that believed in me as their City Councilor and stood with me on Tuesday. I can promise, I will never embarrass this community or make you regret your vote of confidence in me. To the 1,691 residents that made another choice. I thank you for taking the opportunity to participate in the election.  You absolutely stood with a decent and honest man who, for a long time, I have considered a friend. My former opponent is a credit to our community as a son of Everett. He is someone I hope I can work with for a long time to come, to help a community we both love to move forward. I hope to work hard every day to build communication and a working relationship with those voters going forward. It does not matter who you voted for, today is a new day and I want to be the voice for all of Everett. The same goes for all of the Department Heads and City employees. I hope to turn the page and have the opportunity to continue working together for the residents and business owners in our community.

I want to thank my family and a handful of friends, but most importantly my very best friend and biggest supporter, my girlfriend Patti Frati.

I always knew the more personal contact I could have, the better chance I would have to win. On Tuesday evening, we won by 872 votes and won all 12 precincts. I could never have imagined this outcome. I look forward to getting back to work immediately on the important issues facing our community, working my heart out every day to be ‘YOUR Independent Voice on the City Council.’ I look forward to asking the tough questions and bringing up the issues that you, the residents, want to know about. I look forward to building off our successes from the past and continuing to build relationships, one door and one conversation at a time, so that together we can continue to move Everett forward. I am honored by your support and know that I have an opportunity to serve my community for two more years, and maybe beyond, with the possibilities being endless because of the support and friendship’s we have built together.

 Thank you, Everett! I love our community and our residents, and look forward to the work ahead in the next two years. I will be seeing you soon again at your home, business or senior development to continue our work together.

Michael J. McLaughlin

Ward Six City


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